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Aquence 866 Coating Economical, low bake, environmentally friendly corrosion protection coating for steel parts
DTI 360 Coolant
DTI 8100-A Post Lube
Frekote B-15 Mold Release Sealer
Hysol EO1061 One of a series of high performance, single component, semiconductor encapsulants for chip-on-board applications.
Hysol ES0614
Hysol ES1002 Black, low cost, flexible, room temperature cure, lightweight syntactic encapsulant capable of UL94V-0, non-abrasive filled, long pot life.
Hysol ES2204
Hysol FF2200 Reflow encapsulant designed for the assembly and protection of flip chip semiconductor devices utilizing a single material approach.
Hysol FF2300 Hysol FF2300 is a no-flow underfill for eutectic and lead-free applications.
Hysol FP4470 High adhesion version of FP4450 for 260°C L3 JEDEC performance.
Hysol GR640FF
Hysol GR640MOD
Hysol GR828HS Low stress green molding compound with Ni/Pd and copper leadframes
Hysol HL100-3
Hysol Huawei KL-8000H
Hysol KL-G730 HYSOL KL-G730 epoxy molding compound delivers outstanding performance and ease of use. This material is designed to achieve JEDEC Level 1 requirements, at 260°C reflow temperature. Hysol KL-G730 offers enhanced reliability peformance for T/LQFP packages. KL-G730 meets UL 94 V-0 flammability at 3.175mm thickness.
Hysol PC12-007M
Hysol QMI529NB Silver-filled, no bleed conductive, UV curable die attach adhesive specifically recommended for NiPdAu leadframe applications
Hysol US5520
Hysol® EA 934NA™
Hysol® EA 9359.3™
Hysol® EA 9380™
Hysol® EA 9394™
Hysol® EA 9628H™
Hysol® EA 9686™
Hysol® FP4548FC™
Hysol® Huawei KL-4500-1TM
Hysol® Huawei KL-9000HTM
Hysol® Huawei KL-G200TM
Hysol® Huawei KL-G650HTM
Hysol® Huawei KL-G800lmpTM
Hysol® MG15F-MOD2TM
Hysol® PL 737™
LOCTITE 121078 Fastholdingsmiddel - Fastholdingsmiddel med høy viskositet, høy styrke og god temperaturbestandighet
LOCTITE 242 Gjengelåsing - Universalgjengelåsemiddel med middels styrke og middels viskositet
Loctite 243 Threadlocker Primerless, oil tolerant, surface insensitive, medium strength, blue threadlocker designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners between 1/4" and 3/4" (6 to 20 mm). Disassemble with hand tools.
LOCTITE 248 Gjengelåsing - Gjengelåsemiddel med middels styrke (stift)
LOCTITE 270 Gjengelåsing - Gjengelåsemiddel med høy styrke
LOCTITE 2700 Gjengelåsing - Gjengelåsemiddel med høy styrke og "hvitt" sikkerhetsdatablad
LOCTITE 276 Gjengelåsing - Gjengelåsemiddel med høy styrke, særlig beregnet på nikkelbelagte flater
LOCTITE 278 Gjengelåsing - Gjengelåsemiddel med høy styrke, for høye temperaturer
LOCTITE 290 Gjengelåsing - Penetrerende gjengelåsemasse
Loctite 3011 Light Cure Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3081 Light Cure Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3100 Light Cure Adhesive
LOCTITE 3103 AA Lysherdende lim - Til belastningsfølsom plast
Loctite 322 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3311 Light Cure Adhesive, Plastic/Metal
Loctite 3548 Loctite 3548 is a next generation reworkable underfill for thermal and mechanical reliability.
Loctite 3587 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3596 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3672 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3674 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3682 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3684 Medical Device Adhesive

LOCTITE 3876 is the highest conductivity, self-shimming, room temperature cure system.

Loctite 3942 Light Cure Adhesive Medium viscosity, fluorescing, UV/V light curing biocompatible adhesive with sterilization resistance.
LOCTITE 4090 Hybrid Adhesive LOCTITE® 4090™ is an innovative hybrid adhesive that combines the bond strength and speed you need to solve your design and assembly challenges.
LOCTITE 4305 Lysherdende lim - god vedheft til plast, herding med lav styrke, ISO 10993-sertifisert
LOCTITE 431 Hurtiglim - Universal, middels viskositet
Loctite 4501 Prism Instant Adhesive Surface Insensitive
Loctite 4502 Prism Instant Adhesive
LOCTITE 493 Hurtiglim - Metaller, kapillært
Loctite 5039 Nuva-Sil Silicone Light Cure Adhesive / Sealant
Loctite 5045 Flange Sealant
LOCTITE 510 Tetning Til maskinbearbeidede, stive metallflenser - høy temperaturbestandighet
LOCTITE 511 Gjengetetningsmiddel Til metall, universal-gjengetetningsmiddel med lav styrke
Loctite 5127 Flexible Anaerobic Gasket
Loctite 5296 Loctite 5296 is a heat cure silicone that can be applied with brush, dip or spray. High reliability automotive. Clear.
Loctite 5406 Output Thermally Conductive RTV Cure Silicone Adhesive
Loctite 548 Stick Flange Sealant
Loctite 5572 Adhesive
LOCTITE 5810F Fluorescent Polyacrylate Sealant High modulus, polyacrylate (ACM), formed-in-place flange sealant with UV tracers, excellent chemical resistance
LOCTITE 582 Gjengetetningsmiddel - Til metall, hurtigherdende gjengetetningsmiddel med middels styrke
Loctite 5905 White Flange Sealant, RTV Silicone
Loctite 5950 Fastgasket Flange Sealant
LOCTITE 649 Fastholding - Sterkt fastholdingsmiddel uten innhold av akrylsyre
Loctite 668 Stick High Temperature Retaining Compound
Loctite 9412 Hysol Epoxy Adhesive
Loctite 9433 Hysol Epoxy Adhesive
Loctite 96003 Manuell doseringsapplikator - 200 ml Manuell applikator med dobbel patron
Loctite 97042 Manuell doseringsapplikator - 50 ml Manuell applikator med dobbel patron
Loctite 97048 Manuell doseringsapplikator - Pneumatisk applikator med dobbel patron til slitemasseprodukter
Loctite 97108 Halvautomatisk doseringssystem - Beholder
Loctite 97115 Dosering - Rotorspray
Loctite 97135 Halvautomatisk doseringssystem - Membranventil
Loctite 97225 Tilbehør Doseringsnåler - Standard doseringsspisser i rustfritt stål (SSS), 15 (= gul) ID 1,37 mm
Loctite 97230 Tilbehør Doseringsnåler - Fleksible doseringsspisser Polypropylen (PPF), 18 (= grønn) ID 0,84 mm
Loctite 97263 Tilbehør Sprøyte - Svart sprøytesylindersett til UV- og INDIGO-lim, 10 ml
Loctite 97325 Lysherdingsutstyr - Dobbel lysleder 2 x 3 mm x 1500 mm
Loctite 98026 Manuell dosering - Til 25 ml sprøyter
Loctite 984570 Tilbehør Blandere og dyser - Til epoksyer, 1:1, 2:1, 200 ml. 400 ml
Loctite 98770 Lysherdingsutstyr - Dosemåler-Strålingsmåler
LOCTITE AA 3298 Strukturell binding - Liming av glass
LOCTITE AA 3321 LC Lysherdende lim - Til belastningsfølsom plast, ISO 10993-sertifisert
LOCTITE AA V5004 Strukturell binding - Klar limlinje
Loctite E-214HP Hysol Epoxy Structural Adhesive, High Strength
LOCTITE EA 3463 Metallfyllmasser - tokomponent-epoksy, plastisk
LOCTITE EA 9309.3NA Toughened paste, high peel, two component, ambient cure, 180°F/82°C service
LOCTITE EA 9313 Toughened paste, high peel, two component, ambient cure, 180°F/82°C service
LOCTITE EA 9464 Strukturell binding - Tokomponent-epoksy, herdet, spaltefylling, rask herding
LOCTITE EF 557 12IN X 24IN 20SF/BOX Epoxy core splice, 350°F/177°C service temperature
LOCTITE EF 562 12IN X 24IN 20SF/BOX Epoxy core splice, 350°F/177°C service temperature
LOCTITE EF 562S 12IN X 24IN 40SF/BOX Epoxy core splice, 350°F/177°C service temperature
Loctite Fixmaster Concrete Repair Epoxy
Loctite Fixmaster Marine Chocking Marine Chocking – 2-part Epoxy Chocking System
Loctite Heavy Duty Anti-Seize Stick
LOCTITE HYSOL GR 2310 A gold, non-halogenated molding powder, for tantalum and ceramic capacitors, leaded or surface-mounted sensors.
LOCTITE HYSOL GR640HV Low stress, green molding compound suitable for SOT packages. Provides superior moldability and reliability with lowest cost of ownership.
LOCTITE LB 8007 Smøring - Anti-fastbrenning, kopper, sprayboks
LOCTITE LB 8012 Smøring - Anti-fastbrenning, høy belastning
LOCTITE LB 8101 Smøring - Smørefett, spesialformål, kjeder, gir
Loctite No More Leaks Plastic Pipe Thread Sealant
LOCTITE PC 7228 Slitemasser - Hvitt beskyttende belegg som kan påføres med pensel
LOCTITE SF 7039 Rengjøring - Rengjøringsspray til rengjøring av elektriske kontakter som blir utsatt for fuktighet eller annen forurensning
LOCTITE SF 7063 Rengjøring - Universalrengjørings- og avfettingsmiddel til bruk på deler før liming, som ikke etterlater rester (løsemiddelbasert)
LOCTITE SF 7239 Overflatebehandling - Bedre vedheft, plastprimer
LOCTITE SF 7386 Overflatebehandling - Aktivator, løsemiddelbasert
LOCTITE SF 7840 Rengjøring - Biologisk nedbrytbart rense- og avfettingsmiddel til fjerning av fett, oljeskjærevæsker og verkstedsmuss
LOCTITE SI 5368 Strukturell binding - Enkomponent-silikon, universal
LOCTITE SI 5615 Strukturell binding - Tokomponent-silikon, rask herding
LOCTITE SI 5980 Flenstetting - Svart, grå, store hull, umerket, skjærespenningsstyrke 1,5N/mm2
Loctite SI 5990 Flenstetting - Silikontetningsmiddel, kobber, store hull, umerket, skjærespenningsstyrke 1,9N/mm2
Loctite Superflex White RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant
Loctite V1305 Strukturell binding - Ekstra hurtigherdende
Loctite ViperLube Clear High Performance Synthetic Grease
Macromelt Q 5375 Moldable polyolefin for demanding moisture and solvent resistance, excellent adhesion to the most difficult substrates
P3 Parcosol 307
P3 Prevox 5800
Plastic Padding® Aluminium Mesh Non-rust reinforcement for bridging rust holes and perforation in metals and glass fibre
Plastic Padding® Elastic Car Body Filler
Plastic Padding® Marine Epoxy Filler Two part epoxy filler. Gives a hard and water resistant repair
Plastic Padding® Marine Filler Marine filler fills and seals holes and cracks. Can be used underwater when over marine painted
Terocore 20000 Series
Terophon 22000 Series
TEROSON MS 939 Medium Modulus-elastic, 1-component adhesive sealant based on modified silane polymer
Teroson Pump Spray Bottle For efficient, accurate dispensing of Brake and Clutch Cleaner from bulk containers
TEROSON WX 970 Wax underbody coating - corrosion inhibitor for car underbodies
Terostat 06-1201
Terostat 10100 Series
Terostat 15100 Series
Terostat 27000 Series
Terostat 28000 Series
Terostat 92 Adhesive Sealant
Terostat-8521 TEROSTAT-8517
Terotex-Super 3000 - black or white Solvent based, high-viscosity coating material with excellent building power
Turco® 5884™
Turco® 5948-DPM™ Thick
Turco® 5948-R™
Turco® 6776-LO™
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